1998 Mount Rushmore
International Writing Contest
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln:
Presidents with Visions for America

If they could speak today,
what might they say?

Second Prize: Teenagers
Amber Lee Stewart
Madison, South Dakota
T. Roosevelt: "The Life of Strenuous Endeavor"

Theodore Roosevelt was an energetic and youthful president. He had such a positive glow about him, focusing on overcoming the obstacles to achieve a greatness we could call our own. I believe that if he could speak today, he would look at our country and see all of the things we have accomplished. We have bettered our economy, worked hard to ensure rights of working families and opportunities for health care assistance.

If Pres. Roosevelt gave his inaugural speech today, it would be just as relevant as back then. He stated, "No people on earth have more cause to be thankful than ours, in no spirit of boastfulness in our own strength, but with gratitude to the Giver of Good who has blessed us with the conditions which have enabled us to achieve so large a measure of well-being and of happiness."

I can't possibly agree more with the fact that we are the deciders of our destiny. We have the opportunity to fill our lives with happiness and live each new day as an adventure with the power to control the level of obstacles we must endure and overcome.