1999 Mount Rushmore
International Writing Contest
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln:
Presidents with Visions for America

If they could speak today,
what might they say?

Seventh Grade Winner: Poetry
Kyle Hughes
Spirit Community HomeSchool
Charwood, Lake Forest, CA

Abraham's Visit

I am the man Abraham
Standing on sacred ground.
I've come to see what's been done
Since last I was around.

My Emancipation Proclamation
Gave this great nation
Time to reflect
And not reject.

I see the strides
Toward compromise
From separate quarters
To colorblind.

I feel the unity
Where love includes
Everyone in the community
And hate eludes.

I smell the aroma
Of a thousand foods
Where white invites black
For a bar-be-que.

I hear voices raised
In one accord
As God is praised
In many ways.

I taste a hint of what I started
Before I've departed,
I leave you this thought;
Enjoy the freedom that blood has bought.