Full Details and Entry Form
Mt. Rushmore International Contest
(Closes midnight 11/7/2000)

Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and Lincoln
Presidents with Visions for America ...and the World
If they could vote in the Nov. 7th, 2000 Presidential Election,
WHO would they vote for, and WHY?

Twenty - Mt. Rushmore 50th Anniversary Commemorative Postage Stamp Posters, each a collector's item.
These posters are 11 x 14 " and each is postmarked as shown below.

There will be winners for each Mt. Rushmore president voting for various candidates. Winners of posters and "Honorable Mention" will have their entries published on this website.

In addition, for fun, we will tabulate the results of the entries
(which president voted for whom) and publish them shortly after the election.


1. Free. No fees of any kind.
2. Anyone, of any age, anywhere may enter once.
3. You must use the official form below and submit your entry by internet. (Sorry, no postal entries accepted.)
4. Contest closes midnight Tuesday, 11/7/2000, MST (Mt. Rushmore's time zone).
5. Entries will be judged on
general criteria including: tone, originality, clarity, ingenuity, validity and refinement.
6. In case of ties, winners will be chosen randomly and others will receive honorable mention. Winners will be posted on this website and notified by e-mail or telephone shortly after Nov. 7, 2000.
7. Prizes will be delivered to winners at no cost to them.
8. Winners of Prizes and Honorable Mention
agree to have their entries, names, city, state and country published at this website and elsewhere as deemed appropriate by MRCI. Street and e-mail addresses and phone numbers remain private. We do not sell or distribute any personal information! We no longer have a mailing list.
9. Judges decisions are final. By entering, contestant agrees to abide by the rules and to accept the decisions of the judges. Entries will not be returned so make a copy for yourself before submitting.
10. Mt. Rushmore Contests, Inc. reserves the right to improve and modify this contest as it deems necessary.
11. This contest is void where prohibited by law, though we are unaware of such a repressive place.

To enter, complete this form and submit it.
"I, President
(choose one)




T. Roosevelt

am voting for
(vote for one )
For a complete list of presidential candidates and information about them,
click here (Project Vote Smart)
For more information about actual ballot access in America, click here.
Click on a name or party for more information.
Candidates are listed randomly and the order is changed occassionally.
Each listed candidate can theoretically win enough electoral votes to be elected president.

Ralph Nader / Winona LaDuke, Green Party
John Hagelin / Nat Goldhaber, Natural Law Party
Harry Browne / Art Olivier, Libertarian Party
George W. Bush / Dick Cheney, Republican Party
Al Gore / Joe Lieberman, Democratic Party
Pat Buchanan / Ezola Foster, Reform Party
Howard Phillips / J. Curtis Frazier, Constitution Party
Other: (write type in a name, with or without a party)
NOTA (none of the above)

(In 50 words or fewer, prose or poetry,
what might the Mt. Rushmore President say?
Be sure to phrase your entry as though the president were speaking.)
Please proof-read your entry.
(Exceeding the 50 word limit or failing to phrase your entry as if the President were speaking greatly reduces your chances of winning a prize, but the vote counts.)
Then complete the following and submit.
All information is private and is used only for this contest.
Items marked with an asterisk* may be published with your entry.

*Your Name:
Email address:
Street Address:(Optional: in case you win)
*Country (if other than USA):
Telephone: (optional if you've given an email address)
*Students: Name of School:and Grade Level:
If this was a class exercise, teacher's name:

Please click the "Submit" button only once,
wait for the "Thank You" page to appear, and then read it.

By submitting your entry, you are agreeing to abide by the rules
and to accept the decisions of the judges.
Contest closed 11/7/00

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