2000 Mount Rushmore
International Writing Contest
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln:
Presidents with Visions for America

If they could speak today,
what might they say?

Grades 5-8 Winners

Fifth Grade

A Dream

All of these Presidents had a dream. The dream was to change the world.

George Washington: "This nation has grown from 13 colonies to 50 states. I am very proud."

Thomas Jefferson: "We won over the British and now we are one, the United States of America."

Abraham Lincoln: "We are free, all created equal. No slaves, just people."

Theodore Roosevelt: "Nature is what I have always loved. and I am honored to be on this rock. Please always take care of the forests. Thank you."

Always believe in your dreams and never give up. Also believe in yourself.

Jenna Ehrman: Oscar Howe Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD


Presidents forever

" Kind people the world, thank you for keeping the memory of us alive. We love the new technology that has been growing more and more these past years and we are proud of what this country has accomplished as well as others. We would also like to thank you especially for this beautiful memorial. It is enourmous and we can see a great deal from here. We hope the president of this time isn't giving a bad name for presidents. We have tried hard to build up this country and we are proud to have achieved a great goal. We are watching everything and you may not know it, but we are very proud."

Tiffany Fereydouni, 5th grade, Roosevelt Elementary School, Santa Monica, CA USA

Sixth Grade

"Familiar Faces in Familiar Places"

Four familiar faces all etched in stone,
four familiar faces, all are widely known.
They asked me to tell you, they told me to say,
what each one was thinking each and every day.

"Make your country better, help in every way,
make your country better," Washington would say
"Help your country's children, teach them what to say,
help your country's children, " Jefferson would say.
"Love your country's children,
Be their needed friend,
love your country's children,"
Lincoln would amend.
"Protect the welfare of your people, do it wise and well,"
This, or so I hear, is what Roosevelt would tell.
So you see now that they watch us, and have advice to sell,
all they really need now is an ear in which to tell.

Sarah Wagner, Southwest Middle School, Rapid City, SD

Seventh Grade

Our Country (George Washington)

Our country.
Our beloved country.
Have we forgotten our promise?
Our promise that let America into freedom.
Our promise that said all man are created equally.
Our promise that said we would vreate a land where man did not fear one another.
Well we have broken our promise.
We can no longer walk along the sidewalk thinking we are safe.
We must be afraid to do anything.
Our children feel safe only at home.
Since there is so few laws here, people from other countries are coming herer for protection and freedom.
And that is how our population is growing.
And we wonder why we have so many poor and sick people.
Crimes are becoming more and more common.
Our beloved country has lost control over crimes, drugs, and teen and adult problems.
We are so busy trying to make money we have forgotten our children.
What can we do?
First we can start paying more attention to our children.
And make America a drug free nation.
And the last thing we can do is not get lost in a world of money.
But until we accomplish these goals, we will stay the same for quite some time.

Parisa Zaad, Supai Middle School, Scottsdale, Arizona

Eighth Grade

Universal Family: (Lincoln)

To stand together, as one people, this should be our goal.
To share our resources, our wisdom, our compassion, this is our responsibility.
To work collectively to preserve human rights, this is our duty.
To enhance our lives through cooperation and partnership
To join hands-black and white, male and female, young and old
To create a better world.
This is our future.

Megan McAndrew, Minesing Public School, Minesing,Ontario, CANADA


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